three broadband down

We offer next working day broadband delivery. @Galwaygogo1 I can’t phone in or out, @ThreeCare hi is mobile broadband down? @ThreeCare U think that it’s appropriate 2 have agents trying to seek sales ahead of dealing with core service interruptions issues impeding desperate customers suffering lack of service? @EvelynRingLord Should I pay my mortgage or your €600 bill for mobile data (now free to all customers)? My internet is down from 2 days and no one from you broadband is helping. @Denmania Anyone else having issues logging into My3 or topping up a @ThreeCare pre-pay account? 5G home broadband is significantly faster with support for speeds up to 2.33Gbps. Vodafone Broadband. The Three 5G Hub gives you wireless home broadband on 5G. 4G coverage is a bit sparser than that, but you’ll almost certainly be able to connect in towns and cities. If so, our care team @ThreeCare will be able to look into this for you and advise. @ThreeCare hi, I topped up my sim but the data is not working and says I need to top up. No service on the router, but Edge on mobile in the Carrickfin area in Donegal. The site won’t work properly without these. @ThreeCare I’ve had no service since 10.30 this morning what the hell is wrong!!!! Facebook. @ThreeCare are there issues in Cobh and ringaskiddy in Cork today? Facebook. @lisajstatham @ThreeCare Lisa - same in Cork since at least 7.30 this am - @threecare how about posting an update tweet about the outage and when it will be resolved ? @ThreeIreland @ThreeCare Down in Dungravan Co Waterford today . Download speeds of 0.10 since 5, @ThreeCare just a quick one is the registration for my3 through the website down? @ThreeIreland @ThreeCare I am still waiting for my broadband to work properly after it being down or too slow to work or using WiFi for work, TV or calls to family abroad. @ThreeCare @ThreeIreland If so, our care team @ThreeCare will be able to look into this for you. Literally. & to get a call back whilst trying to call out, 2 sell is obscene, @JCCaring Hi there, whereabouts are you experiencing issues? Our care team @ThreeCare will be able to look into this for you. @ThreeCare any update on voice calls issue?!? We used to be known as Relish, we're now Three Broadband. @ThreeCare Hey, I can’t make or receive calls. @ThreeCare Seems to be back now. @ThreeCare @jazzymum2010 I am having same issue, have done everything outlined in your tweets and while it sounds like my phone is ringing when I tried from my husbands phone (Samsung, 3 customer), nothing is happening on the handset. @ThreeCare Hi Guys, having issues with my own ISP so I'm without Internet. Samsung Galaxy S20. @ThreeIreland @ThreeCare Is there a problem with network this morning? SIM Only deals. I appreciate your having network issues and are up the walls but my query was just left over an hour ago and my issue predates the network problems. If BT Fibre 2 isn’t quite right, you can also get three months free broadband and a £60 BT reward card with BT’s Fibre 1 package. @ThreeCare Are you able to provide my unlock code so I can use a SIM card from another network temporarily whilst these issues are ongoing? In the north west, I could NOT attach to any 4G network. @ThreeCare Any updates is the issue resolved yet? @ThreeCare lads any expectations around the outage in Dungarvan?it's been out for 2 hours now. @ThreeCare is there a network issue for the last few days in certain areas? @AineDuffymusic This will mean that test will also be influenced by other factors such as quality of interconnection of Three with Internet backbone. It supports the Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n/a/ac/ax standards on dual band Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz and 5Ghz. 2020-12-02 22:52:22 @Nate_Kitsune @Jamie_Temp @aseddon9463 The issue is that BT site now says they've sold their full allocation. @oliviaos image copyright Getty Images. @ThreeCare Still not working doing it that way ? We have no choice but to use WhatsApp for calls as the network does not work. Little yellow dot appears over my bars when trying to make a call. If this isn't resolved, I'm switching providers. Thanks.... cc @comreg. I understand there’s an ongoing issue but can you PLEASE give an indication as to a probable timeframe? Three Store Now connects our online customers live to store advisors. Bring on brilliant broadband. @ThreeCare unable to make or receive calls in Cork. @ThreeCare is there an issue with 3 network? @ThreeCare All our calls from clients today missed no notification of any outage so we could manage it terrible to be honest. We used to be known as Relish, we're now Three Broadband. We'll tell you what is going on. I can’t phone in or out, @markpbrowne Thanks, @flexiwage @ThreeIreland @ThreeCare the issue of erroneous billing since the company migration in March needs to be addressed now. Getting a weak signal out in the garden (using to send this). No signal in Drumkeeran, Co Leitrim since Friday- repeatedly calling you to fix or provide answers and nothing. @ScottishTom Hi Tom, are you still experiencing issues? This price is available when you sign up on a 24-month contract, or a 12-month option is also available for £34/month. @endawalsh17 Unable to make or receive calls. Thanks. About your My3 account. @travellingtipp So you can get back to the important things. Not restricted to one handset. Thanks, @BCurtin_ Just waiting for my plan to end so i can switch. I can’t make or receive calls all morning. @Johnmad45John Hi John, whereabouts have you been experiencing issues? Our care team @ThreeCare will be able to look into this for you. @ThreeCare is there a problem with the 3 network this morning and if so when is it expected to be fixed? Share page. @oga_timi @ThreeCare hi is mobile broadband down? @ThreeCare D13 HE36 still no service what is the latest update. @jpkilmurray iPhone 12. iPhone 12 mini. It’s frustrating ,I can’t even log in and see my bills even though I get charged no problem ? That’s just a fancy way of saying the internet comes to you via the airwaves instead of cables. Explore Three. Ridiculous Robbery. @BoggerRabb I’ve tried doing the manual 3 network selection and still nothing. @ThreeCare Still not working doing it that way ? @JamesyByrne Hi James, whereabouts are you experiencing issues? Having trouble logging in...not recognising number or email, @winter__lungs Real-time Three problems and issues. Can’t make calls and can’t seem to get into My3 on web or app? @FPower123 Very unstable. I keep getting an error. Hi @ThreeCare - is there a problem with your network at the moment? Be the first to know the next time 3 (Three) goes down. I’m supposed to be getting 5G on my phone I can’t even get a viable working network, @davidrothera SIM Only deals. From roughly 10am until present, I’ve tried restarting my phone and seems to be a network issue. First, check that you actually have mobile data enabled … @leonardsimeone Hey @ThreeCare and @GoMoIrelandCare our Three Mobile Broadband is down and I lost my signal on GoMo indoors. Cloudflare Ray ID: 5fd20352be46a2eb Thanks. @Johnmad45John When will this be resolved, @nivek252 Via Smooth service and very comparative to Vodafone who offer the same service for double the price. Thank you. 0800 033 8002. Very poor especially when trying to stay in contact with customers. @ThreeCare Ah, okay so there was an issue with the mast that's being rectified? Maybe it was a glitch in the Matrix? Network down or no internet? @ebyrne2018 This site uses essential cookies, which help us personalise your experience. Buy on the high street. @CarolPower20 Our care team @ThreeCare will be able to look into this for you. Reference number 001581140811. @VoynichTunes On the phone. @ThreeCare is there a network issue in Westmeath? They live in Rathgar, Dublin. Working from home and looking for solutions. Thanks. @ThreeIreland website . I’m down since 11am this morning, @CarolPower20 Any idea when this will be fixed? Top-up. @ThreeCare Hi Guys, having issues with my own ISP so I'm without Internet. @ThreeCare @cianmccullagh1 This is happening everywhere? @oliviaos @ThreeCare Hi Olivia, we’re happy to confirm that the issue some of our customers experienced this morning in making calls has now been resolved. We have no choice but to use WhatsApp for calls as the network does not work. Current plan is 3 unlimited flex max if that helps. FIX IT, @gothicbitxh Can’t open any apps or internet keeps saying no internet. @ThreeCare hi I have a bill pay 5g enabled phone but have no 5g service in dublin city centre, is there something I need to enable to get service thanks. I have at least 4 friends in the Skerries area on 3 that can’t make calls or receive calls and their network and they like me keep jumping onto Vodafone network ever now and then.

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