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Back to EPR Bullets. - Key team mbr in $80K chapel renovation; remodeled two overflow rooms--additional seating boosted by 35% - Prevented crisis; recovered 6 months of installation dev plan data--preserved crit info for 697 facilities The 1 comment line under the Unit Commander block, is that generally going to be … - Led FBO build-up; placed 8.8K studs/finished 40K sq ft of sheet rock--bolstered safe work environment f/50 AP psnl The action/accomplishment covers what they did (and the significance if it’s not immediately or intuitively clear). - Section Lead; placed 1.2K tons of fill & base course--ensured proper foundation for $696K silver flag fac - Led 3 mbrs to re-secure USAFWC classified vault; replaced 800 sq ft damag'd drop ceiling--promote soonest! - Teamed with EPBS Spec Capes; erected 11 trusses/forged 7K sqft inspect area--largest in-house J2 venture - Supported beddown msn for Army's 3d Combat Brigade; set up 223 tents--557 ERHS completed in just 20 dys The United States Air Force has three levels of response organizations for sup- It was great to see that trick posted here. - Repair'd light fixtures in 24 dorm rooms; installed new lamps/ballast--restor'd residents QoL - Execut'd hangar mx pgm; servic'd wheels/bearing on 20 doors--secured acft worth $100M/preserved 10 bldgs - Exceptional Stage crew member; assist'd with set-up/ tear down of 20+ COC's--following military traditions I've already used it several times myself. White Space 12 7.2 Community (non-duty related) Bullets 12 7.3 Wraparounds 12 7.4 Fluffy Say-Nothing Bullets 12 … - Trained 30 prsnl lock out/tag out pgm; taught sys mx/safety procedures--shop 100% compliant w/OSHA stds - Repaired floor at LRS vehicle ops bldg; replaced 1K sq ft of tile--eliminated safety haz/enhanced aesthetics Welcome to the first open Public Bullet Database focusing on Enlisted Performance Reports (EPR), Officer Performance Reports (OPR) and Air Force awards. - Assisted repair of 8 roofs; installed 400 sqft of Hydro-Stop sealant--saved AF over $200K in contractor costs Bullet writing course (w/epr focus) youtube. - Participated in the McCarren Airport Emergency Exercise--ensured jt med readiness w/mil & city responders - Responded to 8-hr electrical outage; coor'd generator power for tac IT sys--restored C2 for $1B MC-130 fleet It is the type of program that is built to do exactly what it says very well and nothing more - … Standards epr bullets. - Going higher; aced Bus Law/Comm & Ldrship/earned 6 credits to BA Bus--utiliz'd skill/mng'd CCs R&O sec, - Hand-picked for $170K 3D projector install; modified ceiling & air vents--saved AF $10K in contractor costs - Supported Air Traffic Control msn; installed 1K sqft waterproof membrane--protected $135K ATC equipment - Partnered w/819 RHS const tm; est'd 21K sq ft facs--finaliz'd $1.8M SWCS #1 priority proj--spt'd 1.6K soldier annly Reloading – Bullets. - Quickly responded to breaches in base perimeter; re-secured fencing--ensured 100% security, - Re-roofed Dunning TLF; removed & replaced 3.5K square feet asphalt shingles--ready for AF transit families From the very first Air Force evaluation in the wonder years of the late 1940’s to today’s latest EPR form, many have been bested by the arduous task of taking life itself, amplifying it’s quintessence, whittling large narratives and compartmentalizing facts into… - Renovated MEDEVAC billeting qtrs; installed walls, floors, doors and roof--increased QoL for 32 personnel - Physical Training Leader for 735th CES; squadron pass rate 96%--ensured squadron members are Fit to Fight - Executed $73K repl project; id'd/insp 4 dorms/136 obsolete lighting--upheld QoL/negated health & safety risk f/Amn - Handpick'd member for F-16 crash response force; erected tents for disaster recovery efforts--promote to SrA - Rpr'd dmg d ball court floor; rmv d/instll d 100 sf hdwd flr system--alleviated maj safety hzd f/ 500 joint force prsnl, - Safeguarded ATC msn; expertly installed >1K square foot waterproof membrane--sustained 35K sorties a year - Installed 6.7K sq ft ceiling/doors/mortise locks--imperative to successful Sumerall, Iraqi AB, msn completion The inflationary nature of bullets, in my opinion, is a key cause of the EPR rating inflation. EPR Bullet examples for the Standards Enforcement and Personal Adherence block of the AF Form 911. - AF '14 CE Resources Excellence Awd runner-up; fixed 20 lodging doors/secur'd equip--spt'd 96K yrly guests - Eliminated IG facility roof leak; applied 6K sq ft of hydro-stop sealant--protected vital documents <300 hrs - Handpicked mbr for F-16 crash response force; oversaw 29 personnel during asset recovery--promote to TSgt! - Erected $100K K-Span facility for Army Material Cmd--weatherproofed environment for up-armoring vehicles CE EPR Bullets - Nix'd $30K trng LIMFAC; restored $627K AAS assets w/2.4K ft tapes--catalyst to '19 PACAF' Best Sm CE unit awd - Led 4/rebuilt 200Kw gen; spt'd DoS/NASA fac electrical upgrade--maint'd 24-hr ops/$1B SATCOM sys f/50 embassies - Replac'd 99 LRS vault door; installed double doors/X09 lock sys--secur'd $3.5M in weapons sys support kits - Repair'd OT&E classified info vault; install'd combination lock--safeguard'd $87M/sustained aircrew tng ops It's the impact portion of the EPR Bullet, the positive result of an accomplishment, that give us the most frustration. EPR Bullets - Each bullet needs to be written to show an action/accomplishment linked to a result/impact. - Completed 12 credits towards MBA; mng'd 6 prsnl/guided 8 PMs--backed AFCENTs #1 const pri/8 projs/$450M MCP - Selected above his peers to lead and redefine PAR team--transitioned mediocre team to successfully pass ORI The intent of the bullets within are to inspire and help active duty, guard and reserve Air Force supervisors (Civilian, Enlisted & Officers) build better bullets. - Lead instructor during AFJROTC Summer Leadership Prgm--expertly mentored 30 students on AF core values Writing Strong EPR Bullets. - Responded to 30 emergency calls; secured doors/windows/replaced locks--maintained QOL/privacy for Amn - Trained electric shop on digger, derrick, and line trucks--saved $110K and completed-mission critical project - Spearheaded Emerg Generator installation; deployed emerg back-up power B1735--0 downtime to critical test facility - First-rate locksmith; installed 80 locks/ cut 140 keys for Warrior Fitness Center--protect'd $35M GOV assets - Reviewed 19 page blue prints; ID'd 6 proj discrepancies/missing $1.8M budget line item--avoided catastrophic failure - Expand'd SF mx facility; repositioned 3 walls/replaced 5 doors/locking sys--improv'd duty space for 20 prsnl CSS Commander - CSS CC for AMC's lgst OSS; supervises 6 Civ/12 enlisted--runs 63 prgms f/Gp/5 Sqs/881 Mil/53 Civ/94 Contractors - Managed 8 man crew; repaired & painted 5 unoccupied housing units--converted to officer TLF in just 10 days - Reviewed 4 bldg designs; ID'd issues/improvements--increased maintainability for $12M in construction/reno projs - KMCC inspection mbr; DoD's largest mall; 844K addt'l sq ft/0 manpower growth--ID'd 3.5K discrepancies The Rising Four has become so much more since those first few events I attended. - Rescued 13 F-16's/A-10s; raised 300K tons fallen revetments/mitigated further damage--saved $280M in acft - Reconstituted Camp Speicher, Iraq; redirected construction material to other CE units in AOR; svd AF $100K

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