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Tickets for this event can be booked at the standard price. The EEP aims to safeguard the future of a species vulnerable to the continued threat of poaching and habitat loss. Although a hippo would never come across a pumpkin in the wild, it is important that the hippos’ skin is always kept moist, so being inquisitive animals, the floating pumpkins help entice the animals into the water, even on colder days. 9.00am – Enter the Safari with your Safari Guide, where you will be met by our experienced carnivore keepers. This experience gives you the chance to meet and participate in the feeding of our lemurs in one of the largest Lemur Woods in the UK. The seven cubs, named Hunter, Hercules, Hernatty, Harabi, Hodge, Havoc and Hira, bring the total number of African lions at the Safari Park to 18. This gets them used to the different textures, sights and smells and it was great fun watching them tentatively take their first steps in the new areas. “The trees provided our meerkats with lots of new textures and smells, plus also acted as an exciting new climbing frame to carry out sentry duty (when they climb somewhere high to look out for danger). Senior Carnivore Keeper, Huw Owen-Jones said, “, Managing Director of the Park, Darren Chorley, said: “, Jean Wilson MBE, founder of New Hope, Worcester said, “, The children of New Hope, Worcester also sent a thoughtful note of thanks: “, Further information about Worcestershire’s number one tourist attraction can be found on the Safari Park’s website. Please note, this offer is only available to those with Blue Light Card or Defence Discount Service membership and not just NHS/MOD cardholders. Ready to drive to get a flight? Guests visiting during Santa Safari, which is running on selected dates throughout December, might be lucky enough to spot other forms of festive enrichment around the Park, such as shiny baubles for the penguins, bamboo decorations for the lorikeets and cardboard box presents for the lions. If you go down to the woods today you won’t see a bear, but you will see a lot of monkeys at Trentham Monkey Forest! Education Manager, Nicola Anslow, said, “We are delighted with the excellent results achieved by all of our Animal Care and Animal Management students this year. All the zoos and wildlife parks we list are rated according to the ages they are suitable for, facilities and whether they are suitable for rainy days or best when the sun is shining. Â. Email Address. Plus, there is the added attraction that the pumpkins float, so this means that they get to play with them first, which provides extra exercise before getting to eat this tasty treat!”. A total of 140 roles are available across a range of departments including: Food and Beverages, Facilities, Retail and Admissions and the Theme Park. TripAdvisor Traveller Rating. Deputy Head Keeper of Ungulates, Shelley Tudor, said “We are absolutely delighted and have been waiting a long time for this moment. Head of Elephants, Andy Plumb, said, “All three of our elephants are very special to us, but we especially like to celebrate Sutton’s birthday as he was born at the Park, so we’ve literally watched him grow from day one. For lockdown ideas, read our latest blog! If domesticated animals are too tame there are always the zoos … This is the time of day that the rhinos are still in their house so you will be able to meet the rhinos and help with morning routines, feeds, and training sessions. The chinchilla kits are another addition to the Park’s recent baby boom, with the appearance of three dhole pups in March, two penguin chicks in May and a Persian fallow deer fawn in June. While it's not unheard of to drive to London or Manchester to catch a flight if you live in the Midlands, we can all agree it's easier to fly from your local airport. The two single-story, detached cheetah lodges will also sleep up to six people. 9.15am – Arrive at WMSP main drive and pull over on the left-hand side. The appearance of the minute monkey came as a complete surprise to keepers, as they had no idea that mum, eight-year-old Kyna, was pregnant. n be shared with Seto for her final decision. Adult – £25.00 There are 5 ways to get from Shirley, West Midlands to Dudley Zoo by train, bus, taxi or car. The cubs instantly started playing together, chasing each other around and jumping all over both mums. “Conservation is at the forefront of our minds when designing and building the lodges, so as part of this project, our net biodiversity gain will increase by 30%, creating more habitats such as woodlands and wildflower meadows, encouraging native wildlife. They will then direct you to park in the main car park where you will transfer vehicles and receive the safety briefing. Enter your details below to sign up and receive our latest press releases via email. Packs of dholes are very social and work together to care for all members. Managing Director of the Park, Chris Kelly, said “We welcome the news that we can now open the rest of the Park, including the Adventure Theme Park. Beginning on 10 October, the three-week long event includes ‘Mystery of the Pumpkin Thief’, a brand-new interactive trail where children must help Grenith the Witch and her family members find out which critters are stealing their prized pumpkins from the Park’s new Pumpkin Patch. Find free contact information of several Zoo businesses province West Midlands and request a quote online zoo province West Midlands. One of the Keepers will join you for lunch and will be able to tell you about the other animals at the Park too. Dwie kobiety z dziećmi zostały zaatakowane przez kilka lwów podczas zwiedzania popularnego zoo West Midlands Safari Park w Wielkiej Brytanii. This includes ‘Granville’ – the latest baby born in 2018 and a success for the Park in their contribution to the European Endangered Species Breeding Programme (EEP). It’s with a heavy heart that we let you know our popular Santa Safari event will not take place this year, as a result of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. The Park is home to five different species of carnivore and there is an enrichment programme tailor made for each group’s different behaviours and interests. We will be encouraging guests to continue to book online, so we can adhere to government guidance and safely manage how many people we admit to our Park. Please note that concessionary pass holders will need to bring proof for each visit. HR Manager, Charlotte Stokes, said, “Our recruitment days have been very successful in the past, as it allows candidates to explore a range of different roles and meet existing members of staff to help find their perfect fit. Date: 8 March 2011, 10:07: Source: Dudley Zoo Entrance 1. Zoo Keeper jobs in West Midlands on totaljobs. Now, exactly two years on, although Hartley’s birth is great news for the Safari Park, the news for wild pancake tortoises isn’t as positive. If you are arriving on foot, please make your way to main Reception instead. You will meet the giraffes and help to feed them. The Keeper will also give you a guidebook. Baby douroucouli only weigh a miniscule 3oz at birth, so although the adults are weighed weekly, there was no indication that Kyna was carrying a small passenger!  Â. Travel to the Indian Rhino House and help with morning routines and training sessions. Time for the Lemur Talk. She then completed an internship at West Midland Safari Park in 2013, where she progressed to be employed as an animal keeper, working on the hoofstock and carnivore sections. The pups are lucky enough to have lots of ‘aunties and uncles’ who bring them food, play with them and look after them. Children aged 6-15 years must be accompanied by a full paying adult). Online listing of West Midlands Zoos. Take the A456 to Bewdley. Please remain in your vehicle and you will be greeted by your Safari Guide. Get instant job matches for companies hiring now for Zoo Keeper jobs in West Midlands and more. 1.00pm – Get ready for the Sea Lion Show and watch a training session. Everyone involved in supporting Kate during the programme are delighted to recognise her for this achievement. The courses are run in conjunction with Kidderminster College, part of Birmingham Metropolitan College (BMET). Easy apply to 2,424 zoo managing director job openings in West Midlands on Jobeka. Baby animals of Hartley’s size have to be monitored by keepers, so will not be on show until he’s a lot bigger. You will be driven in a Safari vehicle to the Cheetah Plains where your 30-minute encounter will begin. The paper’s author, Dr Robert Hermes, is a veterinarian researcher at the Leibniz-Institute of Zoo and Wildlife Research in Berlin, Germany and has worked closely with the Park with several of their species, as an internationally recognised expert of wildlife reproduction. Managing Director of the Park, Darren Chorley, said, “, Meeting and feeding our lions from a specially-designed feeding cage. You will get to go up onto the beach to meet the penguins and learn lots of interesting facts about them as well as feeding them some fishy treats. West Midland Safari Park is located at Spring Grove, Bewdley, Worcestershire, and is a multifaceted family attraction providing a great family day out. ... Dudley Zoo and Castle will be opening from Wednesday but with new limitations. Keepers got into the Halloween spirit over half term, adding two surprise pumpkins into the Indian rhino’s large grassy paddock, which Inesh has been venturing out to for the first time this week, as he starts to explore more of the Safari alongside his mother. West Midland Safari Park is open daily from this weekend, 16 February 2019. This experience gives you the chance to meet and participate in the feeding of our tigers before the Park is open to the general public. We hope everyone had a fantastic day with us and we look forward to working with them again in the future.”, Jean Wilson MBE, founder of New Hope, Worcester said, “Our families really enjoyed their day out at the safari park on Sunday 2nd June. At just five and seven weeks old, the chicks’ protective parents allowed keepers to weigh the chicks and give them a quick health check, confirming that both pairs of parents are doing a great job at rearing the youngsters. Wristbands for the rides for the Adventure Theme Park will also be included for those staying during the Park’s summer season. Suitable for children between the ages of 12-15 years. As well as the pumpkins, during Spooky Spectacular, the Park is themed with 100 scarecrows, which guests will be able to see in all of their glory when they are illuminated after dark, during the Park’s extended opening hours on weekends and half-term. Latest coronavirus rate for Birmingham and West Midlands with tier 3 seemingly inevitable Coronavirus Dudley has a rate of 452, down from 569 per 100,000 people, but remains in … Speak to our Experiences Team regarding what dates and times are available. Due to a variety of factors, including deforestation, hunting lemurs for food and the pet trade, over 90% of lemur species are at threat of extinction. You will get the chance to travel through the Safari Drive-through in an authentic safari vehicle before we open to the general public. The following discounts are included with the Annual Pass: 20% off in our Retail Shops (Lost City Plaza, Polar Trading, African Queen). Kate Atkinson, Senior Carnivore Keeper, said, “All of the cubs have grown in confidence over the past year and it’s been great to observe them as they mature and develop. Start dates for the jobs will be from 1 February, ready for when the Park opens daily for its summer season on 15 February 2020. Adult Wristband – £15.00 The egg was very different from anything they have ever had before. The London Zoo is one of the oldest zoos in England. Find out more on our.

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